Why Everyone Loves Cocoa From Ghana

Ghana aside being known for its hospitality, is also second to the largest
cocoa producing countries in world. Its population comprises a majority in
agricultural farming and therefore has been able to contribute substantially to
the economic development of the country in terms of trade in cocoa.

Cocoa is the main ingredient in most chocolates produced in Ghana. This is
specific to Ghana since comparing with the other ingredients used in chocolate
production, the cocoa bean is our cheapest commodity in terms of availability.
Unlike in other countries where milk is rather readily available. Most
chocolate products of foreign brand usually are of very little cocoa content
and even sometimes the only cocoa content in the product could be artificial
cocoa flavours.

This therefore positions chocolate products from Ghana in high esteem as one
cannot dispute the quality of their cocoa content. In recent times, there have been
a lot of emerging cocoa processing and chocolate manufacturing companies. The
biggest factory established by the First President of the Republic of Ghana;
Kwame Nkrumah is the Cocoa Processing Company Limited. Other companies such as
Cocoa Touton, Niche, Fair Afric and many others have recently come up and are
contributing to the value addition to the raw cocoa bean.

The cocoa bean, which is the main commodity in the cocoa industry undergoes
series of processing into semi-finished and finished products. Cocoa Butter,
Liquor and Cocoa Powder are some examples of semi-finished products of the
cocoa bean after processing. In the confectionery world, chocolate bars,
chocolate spreads, and drinking chocolates are some products being manufactured
from the cocoa bean with addition of other ingredients.

One of the easiest places to grab a chocolate to munch on is on the streets
of Accra, Ghana. Over the years it has become very common to find chocolates
especially the GoldenTree brand being marketed by individuals in traffic stops.
Alternatively, in many supermarkets and malls all over the country, there is
always a section for chocolate products produced locally as well as foreign

In Ghana, the only brand that often comes to mind in terms of cocoa and confectionery
products is GoldenTree with its famous chocolate bar being Kingsbite. Kingsbite
milk chocolate with its legendary red packaging has been the household name for
many years as the go-to brand for milk chocolate. The brand is set apart on the
competitive market as aside its 100% premium cocoa origin and no cocoa butter
substitute, it also undergoes vigorous quality processes and checks to ensure
consistency and customer satisfaction.

Cocoa consumption has many positive effects on our mental and physical
health and as such, it is recommended to consume some amount of cocoa or its
derivative products each day for a happier and good life.

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