7 Chocolate Spreads from Ghana You Haven’t Tried Yet

Mention cocoa or chocolate and many would think about Ghana but is chocolate the only derivative product food manufacturers in Ghana are interested in? if Ghana is not limited to only chocolate production, what then are the other cocoa based products in the country?

At the confectionery section in most supermarkets and malls it is likely to come across cocoa-based products such as drinking chocolates, chocolate coated nuts, natural cocoa powder and chocolate spreads. In this article, we would explore seven (7) exciting chocolate spreads on the Ghanaian market you probably have never head of. The good news is, they are all made in Ghana and you may come across any when next you go shopping !

There are a few chocolate spread brands currently on the local market. Those produced locally and others imported. One chocolate spread made in Ghana and known in many Ghanaian homes is the GoldenTree Choco Delight. A rival to this product is Nutella; a chocolate spread produced outside Ghana and imported into the country. Despite its presence on the local market, the GoldenTree brand remains the Ghanaian choice.

Chocolate spread is a cocoa based product mostly consumed as part of breakfast. In many homes, the product is spread on bread, pastries, biscuits, etc. Choco Delight is a highly nutritious product and with its high cocoa content, consumers are filled with rich antioxidants that boost health and vitality. In addition to the notable Chocolate Spread with red packaging which contains peanut, GoldenTree has introduced 7 exciting nut varieties we bet would get you drooling.

As part of government’s efforts in promoting made in Ghana products, having varieties on the market gives consumers options to choose from, promotes locally made foods and may limit import of similar products. This way, the economic status of the country improves as money generated in the various transactions remains in the country.

If you are a cocoa lover, here are 7 chocolate spreads on the Ghanaian market you can try.

Most imported chocolate spreads on the market are made with hazelnut. Chocolate spread with hazelnut has been in existence from 1963. With the new spread additions from GoldenTree, consumers have at their fingertips 3 spread varieties from hazelnut in combination with other nuts such as Almond, Cashewnut and Peanut.

GoldenTree also introduced a chocolate spread with zero table sugar. This product can be enjoyed by diabetics and anyone moderating their sugar intake. With the almond bit, one gets to enjoy the cocoa and nutty goodness all in one pack. Why not surprise your kids with a pack today? Click on shop to order!

Do you love cashew? now think of a product that contains cocoa and cashew, that’s right, the GoldenTree Choco Delight brand has also introduced on to the market the Cashewnut chocolate spread and the Almond & Cashewnut chocolate spread. Adding a pack of any of these exciting spreads in your next hamper or as the newest addition to your dining table sounds like a cool idea.

More often than not, people consume chocolate for pleasure and not necessarily for its health benefits. Therefore having a product that serves both interests is a plus. The GoldenTree Peanut & Tigernut chocolate spread is highly nutritious and made from indigenous ingredients.

With these spreads, one can make exciting breakfast for kids, charge up their energy by spreading on their biscuits or bread at lunch or develop many other exciting cake recipes. No matter what your preference may be, we have the right spread to meet your need.

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