Be limitless with GoldenTree

All over the world, one food that instantly puts a smile on the face of people and boosts the “happy feeling” is chocolate. Chocolate; a food previously made for the gods and the elite has now become a delicacy for many people no matter their background or status in the society.

The enormous health benefits that comes from cocoa has also positioned its derivative products as a healthy food choice. Today, many benefits have been documented on consuming cocoa based products. Be it chocolate bars, chocolate spreads, chocolate coated nuts or even drinking chocolates, consumers have been flooded with many goodies to choose from.

Ghana, a Country in the West of Africa has contributed significantly in ‘making people happy’. This is not surprising as the country is known to be one of the most hospitable countries in the world. As the second largest cocoa producer and exporter, the country may have a bit of influence on every smile or improved mood a consumer experiences after consuming chocolate in most part of the world. Due to the prestige recognition of Ghana’s cocoa, chocolate products from this country is deemed high quality.

The GoldenTree brand over the years has been streamlined as a family brand. From breakfast to snack and even late night, GoldenTree has a product available to satisfy customer needs without compromising health.

On the Ghanaian market and deeply rooted in the hearts of its citizen, GoldenTree has been the best brand providing consumers with many cocoa based confectionery products for many years. With Kingsbite winning the hearts of many young people, Pebbles and TQ bar is tagged “Kids” and “Adult” favourites respectively. Reliving the happy childhood moments with Pebbles has had many young adults staying local to the brand and we couldn’t agree more.

Alltime is made with Ghana’s fineset Cocoa and with GoldenTree, one can be assured of the origin of the cocoa as the company processes its own cocoa bean for it’s confectionery factory. In recent times where the market has been flooded with adulterated cocoa products and beverages, GoldenTree is the best go-to brand for cocoa-based products.

With the addition of sugar, milk and through peculiar processing technology, Alltime can be served hot or cold. This comes as a great news as one can easily quench their thirst with cold cocoa beverage anytime anywhere in the day. Coffee lovers are not left out of the cocoa benefits. With the new Alltime with coffee, one can enjoy the rich taste of cocoa and coffee in one cup !!!

Recharging one’s body with a hot mug of chocolate enhances productivity by boosting energy and vitality and GoldenTree Alltime has served nothing less to Ghanaians. As a company that focuses on improving the health and lifestyle of consumers, new and exciting variants have been added to the GoldenTree Drinking Chocolate category. Alltime with coffee, Alltime (reduced sugar) and Alltime with no sugar added were introduced onto the Ghanaian market in 2019.

So no matter what your preference may be, whether as a result of taste, habit or health priority, GoldenTree provides you with limitless options to choose from.

Never settle for less as there is always more with GoldenTree.

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  1. Enoch says:

    Another master piece.


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