Why Chocolate

Have you ever thought of why you consume chocolate? unlike any other confectionery, chocolate is loved by many. The beaming smile on the face of kids, friends or loved ones upon receiving chocolate as a gift never goes out of style.

The amazing cocoa tree provides us with cocoa bean out of which several products are made. Cocoa promotion and consumption over the years have increased as more people are beginning to accept its derivative products for many perculiar reasons.

Chocolate products range from bar chocolates, spreads, Dragees, and drinking powders. A typical bar chocolate on the Ghanaian market is GoldenTree Kingsbite. Popularly known and identified by its red packaging, the GoldenTree Kingsbite has dominated the Ghanaian chocolate sector for many years.

As a milk chocolate, Kingsbite provides its consumers with substantial amount of cocoa whilst complementing it with sweetener and milk.

The confectionery aisle is amongst the most visited sections in a supermarket. You are likely to come by products such as biscuits, cereals, candies, chocolates, etc. With many sweet tooth’s in the country, consumers are constantly looking out for products that makes their life better. There are many reasons why people consume chocolate; be it lifestyle, health, mental and most interestingly no reason are a few of such.

Chocolate Consumption as a Lifestyle

There is a perception that chocolate is for the ‘rich’ and as at today there still may be people in the rural areas that may not know what a bar of chocolate tastes like. On the Ghanaian market, you can get a bar of chocolate for as low as GHC 3.00 and as high as GHC20.00 depending on its size, ingredients and origin. Most imported chocolates on the market may even be higher in price than quoted.

For many manufacturers, the product is targeted at the middle and upper class of the population. Adding a few bars of chocolate to a cart, enjoying a bar whilst shopping, or quickly grabbing one from a hawker in the street does not hurt the pocket, rather chocolates are able to make the world feel much better with all the creamy and cocoa magic!

20g size of GoldenTree chocolates

It is therefore no surprise that these products are almost always running out on the shelf! Have you ever visited a supermarket and found your favorite Kingsbite not present? Did you opt for any other brand or walked away?

The Health Benefits Of Cocoa

You may be a casual consumer of cocoa products but there are a fraction of consumers who are particular in what they ingest into their bodies. From choosing foods that provide high amount of vitamins, minerals, calories, etc consumers have their personal reasons for the choice they make in shopping. In recent times, much publicity has been done on cocoa products. Natural cocoa powder derived from the cocoa bean has been championed for the many benefits it provides over a period of time to consumers. Cocoa powder from research has been found to promote blood flow, improve skin health, manage hypertension and other coronary heart disease.

The most common and quality natural cocoa powder in Ghana is Royale produced by CPC. With just a teaspoonful in a mug of warm water, consumers have at a goal a healthy drink which can be consumed anytime of the day. This product is loved by the older population and are usually consumed in the morning and before bedtime.

Shop for a jar of Royale Natural Cocoa Powder here at only GHC 22.00 !!!

Apart from cocoa powder, dark chocolates have also been reported to improve the health of its consumers. Dark chocolate is produced mainly from the cocoa bean with minute inclusions such as a sweetener to tone down its bitterness. However, to reap the full benefits from dark chocolate, the cocoa composition must be above 70%. In the chocolate industry the saying “the bitter the better” is used in promoting cocoa/chocolate products that provide optimum health benefits to consumers. Which would you rather have; Aspirin or Royale assuming both serve the same purpose? As a starter, one can also enjoy TQ Bar which contains 50% cocoa and hop onto the premium journey later!

Start Shopping

If you are wondering how to determine the cocoa content the next time you go chocolate shopping, here are a few tips:

1. Check on the front panel of the packaging

2. Check beneath the ingredient list

3. Look out for words such as cocoa masse, cocoa liquor, cocoa butter or cocoa powder on the ingredients list and find out how far they are from the first ingredient listed.

Even though point 3 would not give you the quantitative amount of cocoa content it would give you an indication of how more or less the product contains.

Always remember that ingredients on packaged products are arranged in descending order of their quantity in the product.

Just Chocolate

If you don’t have any reason for consuming chocolate you are not alone. In a recent poll conducted online, 52% of chocolate consumers had absolutely no reason for enjoying chocolate. Equal number of the participants indicated that they consume chocolate as part of lifestyle and for its health benefits.

If you fall within consumers who enjoy chocolate as just a sweet, snack or quick bite, having a product that meets your needs and in addition provides you with some health benefit is a plus.

If you are looking for a brand that cares to satisfy your cravings the healthy way then look no further than GoldenTree.

With a wide range of products to choose from, the GoldenTree brand has been accepted as the family brand.

Be part of the GoldenTree family, Visit Shop today !!!

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