Crown Your Health with Royale

Health and well-being are amongst the greatest assets we have as humans. Being able to move, eat and attend to chores, work, with little to no help is all we wish for in our daily lives. It is therefore paramount that one takes control over their own health.

Being sick is no fun, we miss out on all our favourite things we love to do and we often stay bored reminiscing on all the good times and experiences we enjoyed in the past.

In the last 2 years, the world has been through a roller coaster full of trauma, fear, panic, strength and perseverance. The pandemic took many nations by surprise and as part of efforts to fight the virus, many medicines, food and supplements sprung up by many companies and individuals to boost the immune system.

The immune system consist of organs and processes that goes on in the human body to fight off infections and toxins. Day in day out, we are exposed to pollutants from the exhaust fumes from cars, stench from filth amongst others. Toxins from consuming raw foods such as vegetables, fruits and meat are not emphasized enough. As a safety precaution, one must always thoroughly wash fruits and vegetables before consuming no mater where they are purchased or in which form they are packaged.

Thousands of foods, herbs, concoctions were recommended by many as an immune booster to fight the deadly COVID 19. Fruits high in vitamins C, vegetables high in inulin, and inhaling steam from some selected tree leaves were trends people hopped on to save their dear lives. Due to the reported health benefits from fruits and vegetables these ideas were not much of a concern to health professionals but rather, the amount of consumption, their source, and mode of preparations were huge concerns as these varied from each individual.

The popular saying “we eat to live” though debatable does make a lot of sense. If food is supposed to maintain and boost good health, then it can be considered as medicine. Medicines are known to cure various illness and prolong life. If what we eat greatly determine our health status, then food should not only be seen as that that fills our stomach or that which provide us with energy to go about our daily routines.

One such food which was considered as a medicine many centuries ago and still promoted as such is the natural cocoa powder. The cocoa bean undergoes various processes after harvesting and one semi-finished product derived from the bean is cocoa powder. Many research has been reported on how cocoa powder enhances and maintain optimum health.

Cocoa powder is reported to improve blood circulation and keep skin healthy. It also contains powerful antioxidants which fights free radicals thereby preventing premature aging.

Cocoa powder is used in many food applications. It is used in cakes, breads, chocolates, drinks, amongst others.

To reap the most benefits from cocoa powder, it is recommended that one consumes a teaspoonful mixed in a mug of warm water twice in a day. Preferably in the morning and before bedtime.

Cocoa powder has a bitter aftertaste and therefore may be a bit of a challenge to be consumed by some people. But with the recommended serving size it tastes just as water!

For starters, one can include a sweetener and or milk to cocoa powder to create their own recipes and steadily increase the cocoa content with time.

Cocoa powder can be subjected to a process called alkalization to minimize its bitterness and deepen its colour. Even though this is commendable, consuming the raw natural cocoa powder without preservatives or additives is your best bet to maintaining optimum health.

Cocoa powder contains selenium, zinc and iron which helps the immune system function in good capacity. Cocoa powder also helps calm ones nerves thereby releasing stress.

In this era of uncertainty and with the heightened crave to stay healthy, cocoa powder comes in handy as an indigenous and affordable option in maintaining optimum health.

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