TRUE HEROES; Celebrating The Ghanaian Cocoa Farmer

Farmers’ Day celebration just ended in Ghana. An event established 37 years ago has come to stay. Each year work done by farmers from each region are assessed after which an award ceremony is organized.

In Ghana, majority of inhabitants are into agriculture. About 50% of the population are farmers and this contributes to a large part of the country’s GDP.

Cocoa is a tree crop grown in Ghana. In addition to cocoa, oil balm, coffee and rubber flourish in the middle belt of the country which mainly is the forest zone.

Foods such as maize, legumes, cocoyam, tobacco and cotton are predominant cash crops in Ghana. Other crops such as cassava, plantain, millet, sorghum and yam are also cultivated to a large extent in the country.

Cocoa is Ghana’s main cash crop and the second largest export in the world. Cocoa is the major source of foreign exchange for the country and is the backbone of the economy.

The cocoa farmer therefore is not only an assets to the nation but also a key determinant of its economic health and stability.

Over the years, there has been increasing concerns about the financial remuneration and other benefits due cocoa farmers.

One would think that for a profession that supports the economic status of a country, it’s key shareholders would be provided with necessary resources to improve their lives and that of their families.

In recent times, attempts have been made by private organizations to improve the lives and living of cocoa farmers. The government also has began implementation of a scheme in that regard.

Out of the cocoa pod, many foods, cosmetics and pharmaceutical products are developed. In Ghana there are major factories that utilize components of the cocoa pod.

For example, the Cocoa Processing Company Limited receives raw cocoa beans and processes into semi finished and confectionery products. They also make the world’s best chocolate popularly known as Kingsbite. Kingsbite is loved by Ghanaians and other chocolate lovers beyond the shores of Ghana.

In the cosmetics industry, cocoa butter and cocoa powder which are derived from the cocoa bean are used in production of body creams, face masks, make-ups and many more. These products improves skin care and enhances beauty.

Cocoa shells which has always been a byproduct is currently considered for energy production for fueling plants.

Considering the amount of energy used by industries from fuel and gas and costs incurred, the cocoa shells would be a relatively cheaper alternative and provide some financial relief to these industries.

The pharmaceutical industry approves the use of cocoa butter in preventing dry skin and reducing stretch marks.

It is amazing to note that the effort and total commitment of a cocoa farmer positively impacts the people of a country, their food, health and energy sector.

  • The cocoa farmer makes it possible for you to have chocolates to enjoy and share with your loved ones.
  • If you ever used a soap, cream or make-up product made from cocoa it’s time to appreciate the ones who made it possible.

Cocoa farmers are the unseen good health promoters.

Did you know that cocoa powder derived from the cocoa bean is reported to improve blood circulation, manage hypertension and coronary diseases whilst maintaining a healthy looking skin?

Dark chocolate which mainly consist of the cocoa bean is reported to provide adequate health benefits when the cocoa content is 70% and above.

Without the cocoa farmer it would be impossible to enjoy a chocolate treat whilst maintaining good health.

One chocolate brand that acknowledges efforts of cocoa farmers is GoldenTree. In 2019, the company unveiled their newest addition; GoldenTree Heritage artisanal chocolates appreciating cocoa farmers from major cocoa growing areas such as Sefwi Akontombra, Saviefe, Sankore, Assin Fosu, Enchi, Sefwi Asawinso, Akim Oda and Samreboi.

We may have in the past not really considered how important the actions of cocoa farmers affect us as individuals, but today we show our appreciation to the real Heroes.

Happy Farmers‘ Day and Ayekoo to all Cocoa Farmers in Ghana

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