“Cheat Day” Everyday On Christmas 🎄???

Sustaining a healthy diet journey can be a tough one. Foregoing a favourite diet or lifestyle to a much more healthy one usually demands total commitment and resilience.

As the festive season approach, we are planning on all the exciting things to get for our family, friends and loved ones. We probably may have already listed the things we want for ourselves as well.

After a long and somewhat difficult year, it is only fair to pamper oneself and that of loved ones during Christmas. Spending time with family from far and near and being optimistic for a much better new year is all we look forward to this festive season.

For some of us, Christmas goes beyond this to include enjoying all the food and sweets we denied ourselves earlier in the year.

“Cheat Day” everyday in December?????


In a Season where everyone is making merry why still stick to a boring diet all in the name of eating healthy or watching weight. Besides in the new year we can shed off the excess weight.

As much as this may sound like a well thought through plan, it may not always go as intended and we may end up adding on more weight and struggle in shedding it off.

So here are a few tips on how to enjoy all your favorite meals and treats this christmas with zero guilty conscience !!!!

Moderation is key

The human body requires a total of about 2000 calories of energy from the food we eat in a day. Going above this value without appreciable exercise could result in weight gain.

When you think of enjoying that extra bar of chocolate as a dessert, consider which physical activity to engage in to shed off the extra calories.

Remember taking a stroll, skipping, decorating the Christmas tree, wrapping Christmas gifts or assisting with house chores are common examples of physical activities we can engage in and not necessarily lifting weights at the gym.

“Plus One Minus One”

If the cake, ice cream or chocolate is too tempting to ignore, you could try this step.

Whiles not forgetting that moderation is very important, consider eating your favorite treats as a meal.

Instead of having your usual lunch and topping it up with a piece of cake, you could rather consider having just the cake with a fruit juice as lunch.

Another option is to reduce the portion size of every meal you eat to give room for the extra calories from the sweets you plan to enjoy later.

It’s the season to be merry and we cannot afford to fall short of all the love and good tidings. Most importantly we cannot deny how important it is to be in good shape to face the incoming year.

With a New Year’s resolution not including “starting a weight loss journey in January”, you might want to recap the 2 tips for surviving cheat days on Christmas.

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