Food is undeniably an integral part of our life. Whether being just fruits and vegetables, home-cooked or from your favorite restaurant , having a good meal satisfies the soul and fills the tummy!

The cultural background and location can influence ones diet amongst others. The choice of diet for many also may be due to acquired taste over a period of time, convenience and sometimes just a “treat”.

In Ghana, staples such as grains, tubers and cereals are commonly used in preparing meals for breakfast, lunch and dinner.

A typical Ghanaian diet is known to consist mainly of starchy foods (carbohydrates), a small portion of protein from fish, meat and a minute amount of vegetables. Common vegetables usually used are tomatoes and onions.

Fruits and vegetables such as cucumber, cauliflower, lettuce and others are consumed by just a fragment of the population.

Wondered what makes most continental diets aesthetically appealing?

Must be the colours !!!

Europe and Asia are known for consuming the highest amount of fruits and vegetables.

According to health statistics, a diet rich in vegetables and fruits can lower blood pressure, lower the risk of coronary diseases, prevent some types of cancer, improve the digestive system, and regulate blood sugar thereby managing one’s appetite.

There are a few safety concerns about the transportation and handling of fruits and vegetables from the farm to the market centers in Ghana.

The inadequate systems in place for preserving and utilizing our crops right after harvesting results in spoilage and deterioration causing the farmers huge loses.

Same applies to traders who invest in these fruits and vegetables. With no proper systems in place to preserve the fruits, most fruits begin to deteriorate and soon after look unaesthetic.

When these happen, prices of these products are slashed and a customer has less to no option than to buy that.

In recent times, supermarkets have invested in cooling systems that preserve these foods. One can therefore have at their convenience healthy looking fruits and vegetables and also variety to choose from.

In weaning children, parents are advised to make foods colorful to entice them.

I bet this may not necessarily be limited to only kids, but also as adults we may adopt such an approach in making vegetables more appealing and finally considering them as part of our diet.

High temperature and long period of cooking vegetables has been reported to deplete significant amount of nutrients. Therefore it is best to incorporate well cleaned, freshly chopped vegetables to one’s meal.

To spice up your meal or to make it more easier to consume, you can lightly tossed vegetables in small amount of oil and add to a meal.

The trick is to start small and add up as one’s taste aligns with new

vegetable. An assortment of fruits and vegetables can create a colorful meal you would always love to try.

Sometimes a healthy diet is a colourful diet!!!

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