Bar Chocolates from Ghana To Try

If you’ve heard of Ghana, it may be whilst searching for the most hospitable country in Africa or the best holiday destination during festive seasons amongst many other amazing reasons.

The West African Country aside being a hospitable country is also known to be the second largest producer of cocoa.

Cocoa from Ghana is largely exported to other continents such as Europe and used by some local food industries for many confectionery applications.

Though the chocolate industry in Ghana is small as compared to other countries such as Belgium, chocolates from Ghana is classified as quality chocolates due to the 100% cocoa butter use (no substitute with cheaper fats).

Chocolates from Ghana specifically from the GoldenTree brand prioritizes cocoa in their bars. Therefore unlike the milky signature most foreign chocolates have, chocolates from Ghana are known for their rich cocoa taste.

In Ghana, cocoa consumption is appreciably increasing due to sensitization of the health benefits to consumers.

Citizens are constantly educated to not restrict consumption of chocolates to special occasions or festive seasons but rather consider it as an everyday food.

Below are some popular chocolates on the Ghanaian market you must give a try!

1. Oranco

The mild citrus tone for this bar chocolate makes it an exciting product to try. Oranco is a must try if you are looking for that little extra to your milk chocolate.

2. Kingsbite

This product remains the all time favorite of most Ghanaians. Kingsbite is a milk chocolate bar with cocoa content of about 40%.

3. Akuafo Bar

The fruity lemon flavour and milky taste makes Akuafo Bar chocolate irresistible. With its eye-catching packaging, chocolate lovers can’t help than to add to their shopping cart.

4. Tetteh Quarshie (TQ) Bar

Are you allergic to milk or cutting down its consumption? Then TQ Bar would be just right for you.

TQ Bar dark chocolate is rich in cocoa and full of antioxidants for a healthy system and glowing skin.

The bar contains no milk and therefore one can enjoy pure cocoa goodness.

Looking for more of what Ghana can offer in terms of chocolate treats? Visit our Chocolate Shop today

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