Best Selling Chocolate Treats Under $5

Are you looking for affordable treats for a loved one this Vals Day? Here are 5 best selling chocolate treats that won’t break your pocket.

1. Nutty Choc

Nutty Choc is made from groundnut and chocolate. It comes in three (3) chocolate varieties and goes for only $2.49 (16ghc).

2. Heritage

Heritage is the definition of “value for money”. With up to 9 different chocolate varieties in a single pack, this product sells at only $5.46(35ghc).

A pack consists of chocolates formulated with milk, white and dark chocolates and with flavours like strawberry, Irish cream, and many more.


Variety is the spice of life!

GoldenTree SELECTIONZ also known as the Gift Pack contains an assortment of the GoldenTree bar chocolates.

With a total of 6 bars in a pack, this product sells at only $4.68 (30ghc).

Combos !!!!

You can still surprise that special someone with more than one chocolate treat STILL under $5 only.

Below is our favorite COMBOs and we totally recommend for you!

4. Heritage / Nutty Choc

Selling at only 32ghc ($4.99), the 100g size GoldenTree Heritage and Nutty Choc combo is a perfect low budget gift to consider this season.

Wondering what Nutty Choc looks like? Click on video below.


Choosing the perfect gift for Vals Day celebration can be a tough one but with the GoldenTree Kingsbite and Nutty Choc, you are sorted out.

With exquisite and attractive packaging specially made to celebrate 14th February, chocolate lovers and Vals Day celebrant can have affordable treats all to themselves.

The Kingsbite 10 x 20g sells at only $3.1 (20ghc).

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