Energy dense foods; what are they?

Why do we eat? Is it just to calm the rumbling noise in our stomach, to supply our bodies with required nutrients for optimum growth or just because food is made available to us?

Food is an essential body requirement to maintain health, vitality and growth.

One other reason for eating is to provide the body with energy.

Foods can be group in many categories such as energy dense, nutrient dense, etc.

Energy dense foods provide the body with significant amount of energy after consumption.

Examples are foods with high fat contents such as almonds, peanuts, avocados, cheese, etc.

Energy dense foods can be useful to people who have poor eating habits, those seeking to gain weight and people who have limited time to eat due to tight working schedules or busy days.

Nutrient dense foods are foods that contain high amount of nutrients which are beneficial to the body.

Examples are egg, peas, beans.

People seeking to lose weight should control their intake of energy dense foods.

Chocolates are known to be energy dense foods. Due to its cocoa butter content, a 100g bar usually provides about 500 or more calories.

The average daily calorie intake for adults is around 2000kcal. Therefore chocolates can either help one achieve this value or exceed.

It is therefore important to always check how much calories a food product provides at a serving to guide one’s intake.

Dark chocolate, White chocolate, Chocolate spread and Chocolate coated nuts are some examples of energy dense chocolate products.

If you are looking to quickly gain some energy, a chocolate bar or a Dragee may be your best to-go product.

To gain maximum benefits, always go for chocolates produced with no or minimal artificial ingredients.

Energy on the go?

Try Nutty Choc

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