Farm-2-Shelf Program

Hi there, thank you for taking the first step in being a part of many food manufacturers ensuring consumers have access to healthy and safe foods in well labelled packaging.

Becoming an F-2-S-P Beneficiary

As part of efforts to make accessible to consumers healthy and safe food products, Chocolate Gallery introduces The Farm 2 Shelve program which supports small scale businesses in their food product development and registration journey.

The Farm-2-Shelf program provides small scale businesses with technical expertise to move product ideas from lab to the shelves of shops.


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Brief Remarks from Founder

Our health is one of our greatest treasures here on earth. The food we eat, water we drink, the air we breathe and many other aspects of our daily life, influences our health.

Food provides us with energy to go about our daily activities, it is therefore essential to take into account what one ingests into their body.

Providing healthy foods ensures that the population have access to good food, good energy and good health. As a food developer, your main aim should be to develop a food product that would meet these requirements.

With a background in Food Science & Technology, I have always being passionate about creating healthy foods. I look forward in working with you to take up this journey .

Together, we can develop food products that are healthy, safe and meets regulatory requirements. The best part is, our service is FREE !!! Therefore don’t wait any further, contact us today.

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