Chocolates To Consider For Vals Day

Selecting a perfect gift, or creating a package or hamper for a special occasion can be quite challenging.

But one can never go wrong with the addition of chocolates!

As Valentines Day lingers around the corner, you may be contemplating on what to get for your loved ones that would make their day perfect.

Chocolate bars in addition to wine, roses, have become a tradition during Vals Day.

Research showed that even men love to be gifted with presents including chocolates on this day.

If you do not know what to get your loved one on Vals Day, we recommend Chocolate!!!

Here are selected chocolate products proudly made in Ghana we bet would spark the magic on your big Day.

Produced by the first cocoa processing company established in GoldCoast, a quality, tasty and healthy treat is always assured.

Kingsbite Chocolate

The popular GoldenTree Kingsbite with its notable red colour over the years has been the go-to brand for Vals Day celebration.

Last year, the company introduced the card wrap packaging for Kingsbite improving on its product integrity, stability and appeal.

Gift package idea:

A box of Kingsbite plus NuttyChoc

Nutty Choc

Chocolate Dragee is gradually gaining prominence on the Ghanaian market.

For a product that serves as a healthy snack and doubles as a perfect toppings for cake, ice cream and other pastries, it sure is the surprise pack you may be looking for.

GoldenTree Nutty Choc comes in three varieties; groundnut coated with milk chocolate, dark chocolate and white chocolate.

With a much softer shell, it can be enjoyed by both the young and old.

Gift package idea:

Nutty Choc + Chocolate spread + Kingsbite


Why have one (1) when you can have more. The GoldenTree SELECTIONZ is the perfect gift pack for a chocolate lover.

With up to three different flavors, one gets a double doze of triple treats all in a single pack.

Notable flavours often included in gift packs include GoldenTree Oranco, Akuafo, Portem Pride and TQ Bar.

Gift pack idea:


Choco Delight

Think of your favorite biscuit or cracker, now imagine enjoying this with an almond chocolate spread.

Did you know that apart from peanut chocolate spread, there are seven (7) other delicious varieties on the local market?

With exotic nuts like cashew, hazelnut and almond, you won’t regret given any a try!

GoodenTree Choco Delight (No Sugar Added) is specially formulated for individuals who for health or personal reasons do not consume table sugar.

So no one is left out of the creamy cocoa goodness.

Gift pack idea:

Pebbles + Chocolate spread


Another product that seems to be the perfect choice when picking a gift for someone whose preference you aren’t sure about is Artisanal chocolates.

Produced in smaller articles and in many varieties, your loved ones are in for a good treat.

On the Ghanaian market, GoldenTree Heritage is the best brand for artisanal chocolates.

With up to 9 varieties in a pack consisting of nuts, flavours and different chocolate types, this product comes as a perfect sharing size for the family too.

Gift pack idea:

To spice up your gift pack, consider including a bar of GoldenTree White Chocolate !!!

GoldenTree Premium White Chocolate

Ready to Shop?

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